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Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Upgrades / Repairs
  • Expert installations
  • Desktops / Laptops / Printers
  • Software / Hardware
  • Diagnoses / Troubleshooting
  • Data conversion
  • Data storage and backup
  • Safe Virus removal
  • Personal one-on-one Instruction and Training
  • Hard Drive Recovery Services: Recover data from failed hard drives

GRA is proud to release a new and exciting service, Remote Help Desk

RHD, allows our team of consultants to access and work on any computer, server, or laptop as if we were sitting there right in front of it, saving time, money, and the expense of service calls. No need to lug your computer equipment down to a service center. In most cases, we'll be able to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair most software problems. You can watch as we train or instruct you, answering your questions in real time. READ MORE HERE

In House Remote Services Connection (RSC)

Save money on OnSite service calls by establishing a Remote Services Connection (RSC). Allow us to remotely monitor and administer backups, virus and security updates, software updates and patches, repair data corruption, and more. RSC's not only save money, but allow almost instant service without the need of dispatching a service technician or consultant. Proactive regular service insures your systems are in good running condition, and stay that way.

  • Pay for only the training and time you need without leaving your office.
  • Complete Server management.
  • RSC's are safe, secure, and save money.
  • Virtually eliminate, or drastically reducing down time.

We Specialize in OnSite services in networking, client-server, desktop,
and all broadband environments.

OnSite Services

Complete custom client-server
design - including software and  hardware, data storage, backup
solutions, remote access,
secure VPN, and more.

Solution Designs

Microsoft® Office applications, QuickBooks, Adobe® products,
LAN training, and more.

OnSite Training










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